Eduardo Carqueijeiro

Eduardo Carqueijeiro


The world's first turntable orchestra

Thirty renowned DJs from around the world packed tightly into one room to create the world’s first full orchestra composed of only turntables

The Creative Process Behind Federico Barocci's Drawings

This exhibition focuses on the drawings of Federico Barocci (Urbino 1533/1535-1612) to gain an understanding of their most distinctive features

Call Me By Monet: how Instagram hybrids turned pop into art

High art and pop culture have often been mashed together – but rarely as effectively as on three Instagram accounts delighting fans of Monet, Alexa Chung and Harry Potter

Arts + Design - TED - Ideas

When you watch the Academy Awards, are categories like “sound editing” and “production design” your cue for a bathroom break?

Mantegna: maestro de la perspectiva y el escorzo

Fue uno de los artistas más destacados del Renacimiento y contribuyó decisivamente al desarrollo del Quattrocento italiano

Obras da Fundação de Serralves — Google Arts & Culture

A Coleção de Serralves integra atualmente para cima de 4300 obras, das quais mais de 1700 são propriedade da Fundação de Serralves